Shipping & Returns

We do not accept returns unless liability is imputed to the shipping service provider. In this regard, and in order to safeguard its position, adopt the following procedures.

Carriers require that any and all anomalies detected at the time of receipt of the goods be recorded in detail on the waybill. Only with this formal registration will it be possible to open a case which could lead to an incidence which, upon further examination, will eventually enable the carrier that performed the service to be held responsible.

Upon receipt of the products, and prior to the signature of any carrier document, the customer is responsible for carrying out a quantitative inspection (the number of volumes received must correspond to the number shown on the carrier’s guide) and a qualitative inspection of the volumes. essential to check and record any anomalies (torn, damaged packaging etc), in the event of any such anomalies should create a photographic record.

Thereafter and if the previous paragraph is verified, you should contact us immediately.